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    What is a PCP? Why is a PCP important?

    Watch this short video, "Precinct Committeeman Strategy," by Dan Schultz. CLICK HERE 

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    WHAT IS A PCP? A PCP or a Precinct Committee Person is an entry level official of the Oregon Republican Party (ORP). You can represent people that live within a precinct to their county Republican Party. In Malheur County, we have a total of 84 PCP positions divided amongst our 24 Malheur County Voting Precincts. We still have many openings for PCPs. You can help fill these vacant seats by becoming a PCP and by being Elected at a Primary Election (held in even-numbered years) or between elections you can be Appointed.


    WHY IS A PCP IMPORTANT? A PCP is a voting member of the Central Committee in their county party, and the Central Committee in each county is authorized to make all decisions relating to its county party. As a Republican PCP, you will be voting on official Party business such as your county bylaws, resolutions, as well as electing county Party leadership and Platform Convention delegates.


    ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for the office of PCP, you must have a current active voter registration in the State of Oregon, and you must have been a registered Republican for at least 180 days in any state (with exceptions for voters who are applying within 180 days of their 18th birthday). Your county elections office will review and certify the eligibility of all persons seeking the role of PCP.


    ELECTED PCP: To become an Elected PCP you must file as a Candidate and win at the Primary Election (held in even-numbered years). You need at least three votes.


    APPOINTED PCP: To fill a vacancy in between elections, you can also become an Appointed PCP. Complete the Appointed PCP Malheur County Application Form (below). Then you will attend a Central Committee meeting to be voted in.


    Do I need to be a PCP to volunteer in my county or state GOP? No. Any Republican can volunteer. Many of our volunteers do not feel the need to participate in the Central Committee and instead contribute to the party by working on our committees or on political campaigns.



    1) Complete and sign the Appointed PCP Malheur County Application Form. (Download)

    2) Submit your completed and signed form in person to the Chairman, Malheur County Republican Central Committee meeting, the third Monday, January to October, at 6:30 pm. Check Location: https://www.malheurrepublicans.org/events or Mail it to MCRCC, 1006 SW 6th Avenue, Ontario, OR 97914

    3) Wait to hear from the Malheur Republicans. Be prepared to attend a Malheur County Republican Central Committee meeting to be voted in.

    Local Elected Republicans - PCPs, Malheur County Republican Central Committee:

    (Many of these positions are vacant and can be filled with Appointed PCPs)


    Precinct #1 City of Ontario - 5

    Precinct #2 City of Ontario - 9

    Precinct #3 City of Ontario - 6

    Precinct #4 City of Ontario - 6

    Precinct #5 Applegate - 2

    Precinct #6 Fair/Ontario Heights - 5

    Precinct #7 Butte/Cairo - 4

    Precinct #8 City of Nyssa - 6

    Precinct #9 Rural Nyssa - 5

    Precinct #10 City of Adrian - 2

    Precinct #11 Rural Adrian - 3

    Precinct #12 City of Vale - 4

    Precinct #13 South Rural Vale - 3

    Precinct #14 North Rural Vale - 4

    Precinct #15 Willowcreek - 2

    Precinct #16 Brogan - 2

    Precinct #17 Ironside - 2

    Precinct #18 Harper - 2

    Precinct #19 Juntura - 2

    Precinct #20 City of Jordan Valley - 2

    Precinct #21 Rural Jordan Valley - 2

    Precinct #22 Arock - 2

    Precinct #23 McDermitt - 2

    Precinct #24 Annex/Huntington/Farewell Bend - 2