Malheur County Republican

    Central Committee


    We, the Republican Party of Oregon stand for our country as one nation under God,

    for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All Oregonians deserve the opportunity,

    through hard work and perseverance, to build a more prosperous future

    for themselves, their families, and their communities,

    without the excessive burden of government.

    We welcome and encourage all citizens to join our party

    and work with us to restore political balance by forming a coalition of free-thinking

    and diverse voters that will elect candidates who align with our ideals.

    ~ Oregon Republican Party State Platform, October 2, 2021


















    "Justice For All" by Donald J Trump

    and J6 Prison Choir


    Malheur County derives its name from French trappers during an expedition

    to the Snake River country in 1825-1826, whose property and furs were stolen

    from their encampment. Malheur is French for "Bad Hour" (misfortune).